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Enrol at Eve Beauty Academy

Eyelash Extensions Course

This course aims to show you the correct techniques and skills to create the perfect eyelash extensions thats long lasting. Our lash extension course teaches you how to apply classic, hybrid, volume, cluster lashes to natural lashes. You will learn the technique of lash application, primer, lash maintenance and lash debonder.

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What will you get?

  • Classic Lashes

  • Cluster Lashes

  • Salon Hygiene and Sterilisation

  • Customer Service

  • Business Acumen

  • Social Media Marketing

What is included?

  • Eyelash Kit

  • Training Manual

  • Lunch

  • Certificate

  • Possible Job Placement at Eve Onboard & automatic placement at Eve Recruitment

  • Ring lights

  • Salon Schedule Diary

  • 1 x uniform


Additional product and salon equipment will be available for sale

Eye Makeup Accessories

PRICE - R6500

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